Water Testing

The residential water testing program includes analysis for common water quality problems, microbiological contamination, and makes recommendations regarding the potential need for water treatment devices, such as: softeners, reverse osmosis units, distillation, neutralizers, chlorination systems, ultraviolet or UV systems.

Water from Sources – Wells, Bore wells, Taps, Storage Tanks, River, Ponds, Lake.
Drinking Water as per IS 10500.
Purified Water (RO / UV treated)
Packaged Drinking Water as per IS 14543.
Packaged Natural Mineral Water as per IS 13428.
Swimming Pools
Industrial Process water
Industrial & Domestic Waste Water (Effluent).

The above mentioned water samples can be tested for -

Chemical Analysis
Microbiological analysis
Heavy metals
Analysis of water as per IS/ USEPA/ APHA/ AOAC

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